What's the story with TruckShuka?

TruckShuka mission is to provide a different kind of interpretation and excitement of street foods. TruckShuka is authentic Israeli street food cuisine that gives the food truck scene something you’ve likely never tasted before.  Fresh, exotic dishes blanket a menu that’s big on savory delights. Bowls, platters, artisan Jerusalem pita sandwiches and much more are on the slab and ready to wow you every time you step up.

Our menu is focused on authentic Jerusalem street favorite eats, influenced by Michigan flavors. We are always cooking with the highest quality and freshest ingredients possible, making EVERYTHING from scratch.  We are committed to providing a great alternative and delicious food, period.

As we grow, we strive to make a positive impact in our communities and continuing to make healthy and tasty food at a fair price for our customers who we ❤

We ❤ our customers!

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